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Isabel Martha Weeks
Carole Serene Borgens channels Pax Wisdom

Finding Your Bliss

Feb 19, 2021 by Carole Serene Borgens
Here we are in this time of Covid precautions and we wonder if there will be light at the end of the proverbial tunnel?
Pax Wisdom tells us that yes, indeed there is light and it is thelight we bring to our lives and our world, each of us. To understand we each have the power within us for happiness and peace - this is the message.

Protecting Sensitive Eco-Systems

Nov 23, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

There are sensitive areas all around the globe that have been quietly entered and clear-but without the public knowledge until too late – all in the name of commerce, greed, and the thought of ramifications to local areas is not considered.

Personal Power Will End the Pandemic

Aug 31, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

It is the case that your post-Covid world will be a safer and saner place once the dust has settled.  On the way to this is resistance, anger, disgust, non-compliance with science, and overall refusal to consider this virus is with you to stay, which it is. There is a change in form and methods of management, and lightness prevails.

Trust in Your Selves

Jul 29, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens
At this time in your world history is unrest and confusion.  Do not dismay as it will leave you and better life is to come.

Ripples of Peace

Jul 23, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens


            We are here to say the time is now to understand the wayward attitudes of the many when it comes to resources.  Yes we say the attitude of, well I can’t make a difference, must stop.  It is for everyone to understand they can make a difference and it is up to them to act on this belief and share this belief with others who may be in doubt.

Living on the Edge of Spirituality and Reality

Jul 20, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

Is there a low level of virus in everyone now?

Oh no not so.  As there are precautionary measures being taken by people in avoidance of contact, so are there successes in maintaining a clean state.  It is not felt that there is an automatic touching of everyone by airborne virus.  In fact there is great success in places in reducing potential contact.

Are there Vitamins available to help in the fight against the virus?

Well, anything to boost the immune system is worthy of attention.  Eating well and maintaining the rules around avoidance of contact, everything contributes

A New and Improved Normal

Jun 03, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

It is the case that life on Planet Earth at this time is strained and filled with upheaval and uncertainty. We wish to inform that the future is not to remain this way...

The Nature of Childrens' Learning

May 29, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens
Teaching Children Independent Thinking
Many of your Earth people spend their time asking how to proceed and taking direction from outside themselves that they don’t learn the skills of developing strength of purpose and to be guided by their Higher Selves and their inner wisdom.

The Nature of Mass Events

May 28, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

The Nature of Mass Events

It is understood that throughout history there have been events of great proportion, whether wars or plague or pestilence, it is a repeat cycle on your Planet Earth.  Will this change?  We say it is the nature of a civilization to fall victim to such happenings. 

Plagues in History, Recovery and New Normal

May 23, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

Plagues in History?

Many plagues throughout history lasted for years and killed much of the population where they took hold.  Will Covid-19 be the same?

Learning to Live with Corona Virus

May 21, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

Pax, is the Corona virus to remain with our civilization, without adequate prevention or cure, for years to come, so that people learn to live with it?

Quite so.  It is the case that the virus resists all efforts to be quelled and continues to mutate beyond management.  Do you know this term, “mutate beyond management”?  You may equate this to plagues of the past and not so past that have arrived, decimated populations, then gone quiet for a time before blooming once again. 
Excerpt from The Likely Future: Short and Long Term Guidance From the Source by Penelope Jean Hayes and Carole Serene Borgens.

Pax Wisdom Message for Moving Ahead Into the Past

Mar 25, 2020 by Carole Serene Borgens

It is the case now that your Earth people struggle on a scale greater than ever before in your history. Why is that, do you think?...
Excerpt from Do Unto Earth: It's Not Too Late by Penelope Jean Hayes and Carole Serene Borgens